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Squatters versus Politicians

June 30, 2009
Squatters say no more!

Reclaiming Your Taxes

Which side are you on when it comes to squatters vs. politicians??  I’m not sure I even need to know what the story is to know that I’m probably not on the politicians side!

This is a very funny story from the UK about regular people deciding that enough is enough when it comes to politicians treating taxpayer money like it grows on trees.  RECLAIMING YOUR TAXES is what the banner hung on Ann and Alan Keen’s house says and good for the taxpayers for taking a stand.

Maried Labour MPs Ann and Alan Keen have been claiming thousands of pounds (UK$) for a second home near Parliament……..all the while their main home is only 10 miles away!  The Keens say that they have lived in the home for 22 years and insist it is being renovated……apparently for the last 4 years since thats how long they have needed a home closer to parliament.  Apparently the house has been completely empty for the last 7 months, so a group of people have decided that since they’ve basically been paying for it they might as well live in it.  “We’ve paid for their home with our taxes – so we’re going to use it”, Bob says as he opens the front door to let reporters form the BBC in.

This story is courtesy of BBC News UK and can be viewed here

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