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NASA ‘accidentally’ erases moon landing videos

July 19, 2009

moonFootprintConspiracy theorists, NASA has just opened a whole new can of worms….again.

Well this should help put to bed that conspiracy theory that NASA staged the whole moon landing thing.  Oh never mind, I guess not eh.  So NASA accidentally erased the original footage of the moon landing 40 years ago…….but don’t worry, newly restored copies look even better!  Nothing like crisp new videos of something that happened 40 years ago when video wasn’t really crisp to put to bed rumors.  This comes from Reuters

Now I know in this time of economic trouble that budgets are tight and all but, really, erasing the moon landing to save money…..come on now NASA.  Previews of the new “restored” tapes can be viewed here.

OhmoonFlag and I just have to throw my favorite moon photo in here, you know the one with the USA flag waving in the wind….oh wait there is no wind on the moon.  Oh well.

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