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What if Microsoft had been more like Apple?

July 29, 2009

Windows App StoreWhen you first read that you are probably thinking, what if Microsoft had been more open and less controlling.  When you think Microsoft you may think of the EU and being forced to allow people to have other browsers and what not.  Microsoft trying to subtly handcuff you into using Windows and Office and IE and all their other products everytime you buy a desktop computer.  That is not where this is going though.

What if Microsoft had a Windows App Store???

What if the only way to get programs and apps for your Windows based computer was to buy them through the Windows App Store?  What if the only way to sell a program for Windows was to get it on the App Store, and thus, approved by Microsoft?  How would things have changed, would they be better or worse?

If you want to build and sell an app for the iPhone you must get it approved by Apple in order for it to go on the app store, even the free ones.  That seriously limits the creativity and innovation that people can display with their Apps, IMO.  Not to mention the fact that Apple has been rejecting some apps on the basis that they compete with their own apps and others because AT&T has requested it.  So what would happen if when Microsoft was in it’s infancy, it had acted like Apple is acting now?

To find out go to

You may also be interested in how Apple feels about Google developing apps like Google Voice for the iPhone, or rather, how Apple isn’t going to let Google develop apps like Google Voice for the iPhone.  Have a look.  I will be interested to see if the European Union comes after Apple next since it seems to have had it’s way with Microsoft.

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