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New Security Threats for Adobe and XML

August 7, 2009

I was reading about some new vulnerabilities found in XML which may be of interest to programmers here.

Vulnerabilities discovered in XML libraries from Sun, Apache Software Foundation, Python Software Foundation, and the Gnome Project [1] could result in successful denial-of-service attacks on applications built with them, according to Codenomicon.

“That application would be vulnerable and there are probably millions of these applications,” says Dave Chartier, CEO of Codenomicon, the security vendor that makes a protocol-analysis fuzzing tool, Defensics, and earlier this year added a way to test for vulnerabilities in XML code.

TargetedAttacks2009I also found this article, which discusses how Adobe may be the next Microsoft (pre-2002) when it comes to security vulnerabilities.  You may say that Microsoft still makes up over 50% of this chart but, while that’s true it’s also for more than one application.  The scary part is that Adobe makes up nearly 50% of the Targeted Attacks in 2009 with only 1 program.


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