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Blind Search

August 10, 2009

This is kind of like the Pepsi Challenge, but with Search Engines instead of refreshing beverages.  I know, that may be a bit disapointing.  Perhaps you should grab yourself a nice can of Coca Cola Classic or Pepsi while you read?

We all have our preferences, some of us dislike Microsoft (Bing), some of us fear the new evil empire (Google) and some of us think that Yahoo is…….well……a little last year.  Basically I think that like with most things, we have our favorites regardless of who actually does a better job for us.  What if we took away all of the branding, the fancy names and just got down to who delivers the best, most relevant search results for us?  Isn’t that what search engines are supposed to do?

Who has the best search engine?

Who has the best search engine?

Here is a link to an interesting study in search engines, a site that returns results from Google, Bing and Yahoo all on one page.  The catch is that it isn’t going to tell you which search engine each set of results comes from, hence the Blind part of Blind Search.  Once you see the results you vote on which set is the best in your opinion.

The site is only in beta, so there will be limitations such as, it doesn’t take into account your region, meaning all searches are performed as if you are in the US.  It is an interesting idea though, I’m fairly certain that branding plays a very large role in which Search Engine people prefer, as with any product really.  Anyway give it a try and perhaps leave a comment as to what you think of the experience.  Here is the link again in case you missed it – Blind Search.

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