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Exploding iPhones?

August 28, 2009
Is that an iPhone or a CrackBerry?

Is that an iPhone or a CrackBerry?

Apparently it seems that iPhones and iPods have been prone to explode lately.  According to Apple this is just one of the many features that their competitors don’t have, or something along those lines.

The french government is set to meet with a representative from Apple to discuss the faulty Apple gear.  It seems some have been exploding, while others have had their screens crack, and some have apparently even burst into flames!  So you may want to be careful the next time you put your iPhone up to your face to talk, it’s probably best to use a hands free device while this whole thing is getting worked out.

Either way Apple is doing its best to avoid the problem, apparently trying to blow off its customers that are complaining.  There are reports that before Apple will look at a customers faulty iPhone they are making them sign a gag order forcing them to not discuss the issue with anyone.  So, you bought a crappy and dangerous product from us……Well if you promise never ever to talk about it to anyone maybe we’ll fix it for you, or if you’re really lucky you can have your money back, well not the taxes but…

Apple’s response to all of this?

“We are waiting to receive the iPhones from the customers,” said Alan Hely, head of European Communications for Apple.

“Until we have the full details, we don’t have anything further to add.”

For more info on this story see the links below:

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