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The First rule of programming is…

October 8, 2009
I swear it's all their fault...

I swear it's all their fault...

The first rule of being a programmer is that its always your fault.

If there is a *bug* in the application then more than likely it’s a bug in your code.  This is a lesson you learn over and over and over when you are a new programmer.  Trust me, I can’t count the number of times I thought “Well there must be something wrong with this api or this library that I’m using because it doesn’t work right with my program”.  Only to later discover what I should have known all along….the problem is of course with the code I’ve written, sometimes its something very small, sometimes something big.  That’s the thing with programming, web development in my case, no matter how small a *bug* is it can drive you crazy trying to find it.

Here is the First Rule of Programming: It’s Always Your Fault by Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror

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