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Xbox has a Wii bit of Nintendo in them

November 13, 2009
Project Natal

Xbox out-does Wii?

When Nintendo brought us the Wii it was a revelation for video games.  Instead of sitting there pressing buttons you could actually control characters with the wave of your hand.  It has brought gaming to a whole new audience that could never really get into the old style of gaming.  Of course it wasn’t actually your hand moving that controlled the game, it was the controller you were holding in your hand doing all the work.

What if you could control the characters in your video games without having to use any controllers at all?  Would that bring gaming a step further into the mainstream?  Microsoft might just find out with Project Natal for Xbox.  It is builds off of Nintendo’s idea for the Wii but takes it one or two steps further.  For instance, not only can games respond to your body movements and hand gestures (without a controller!) but, it can also respond to voice input or even facial expressions!

There is no word yet on when Microsoft will start to sell this innovation, dubbed Project Natal or for that matter how much it will cost but, clearly this has the potential to be a giant step for console gaming systems and could vault Microsoft to the front of the pack.

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