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Bizarre Lights In The Sky Over Norway

December 10, 2009

If you happened to be in Norway on December 9th, sometime in the early morning, you were able to get a chance to witness some spectacular and strange lights in the sky.  It didn’t really matter where you were in Norway apparently, because the lights could be seen from all over.  You just have to look at the picture to the right to get an idea what I’m talking about.  I know it’s hard to look at that picture and not think that it’s been photo shopped but, as far as I can tell it’s the real deal.  If it is then that is one spectacular photo.

There are actually a number of photos of this event, since it was seen by so many people.  Have a look at some of them below and tell me what you think.  There is also some videos of what happened although many of them can be difficult to really see whats going on but I’ll show you an extended one that adds a number of amateur videos together.

Now, as to the question of what exactly it was that caused these lights/spirals in the sky, that is up for debate.  There are some saying of course that it was a celestial event of some sorts, and if it was then it was one spectacular display.  There are also those that say it was a rocket or missile that misfired and was spiraling out of control on its ascent.  That definitely seems to be a possibility, the question then becomes who fired it?  Some are saying Russia, although that doesn’t include those in Russia who deny it was one of their rockets.  Still others say it was all a hoax, and if it was, then it was one spectacular hoax and whoever perpetrated it should be congratulated on doing such a spectacular job.

Let’s look into the Russian rocket theory a little bit more since that seems to be the most likely of the bunch, if not the least exciting.  Russia denies that it was conducting missile tests in the area, the Russian Navy says there were no rocket launches from the White Sea area.  Even if they were, Norway would presumably know about it since they have to be informed of launches under international agreements.  Now it would not be a huge surprise if they were doing tests there since many of their tests are conducted in the White Sea near the Norwegian Arctic region.  Apparently Russia even informed Norway last week, giving them a window of time when a missile test might be carried out….which supposedly included a 7 hour period on Wednesday morning around the time the lights were seen over Norway.

So what do you think it was?  Aliens?  A black-hole?  A trick of the Northern Lights?  A Russian rocket?  Let me, and everyone else know what you believe is the truth about this amazing display.  Even if we can’t agree on what caused it, surely we can agree that it would have been great to have been there and witnessed it first hand.

You can get more information about this event from a number of sources, including CNN, Discover Magazine, The Sun, The Daily Mail, and numerous Norwegian news outlets.


Here are a couple of similar videos from past events.  The first is from China, it was uploaded to youTube in April 2009 (the first 30 seconds or so are an interview with a witness I believe).  I have to say that this one looks very similar to the one yesterday over Norway.  The second is from Tomsk Russia in 2006 and is clearly a rocket, although I’m not sure it really looks the same as the one from Norway.

UPDATE #2 – Mystery Solved?

Apparently the mystery is over, Russia has admitted that they were testing one of their Bulava missiles and it failed, which is what caused the strange lights over Norway.  This comes from MSNBC.

Russia admitted on Thursday that its much-touted Bulava intercontinental missile failed another test, after unusual lights were spotted in Norway across the border from the launch site.

That is of course, if you believe them!

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