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My name is Brian and I’m a regular Canadian who lives about an hour outside of Toronto.  Like most Canadians I think we pay too much taxes, our politicians are constantly finding ways to waste our money and still life isn’t so bad.  I have recently moved to Binbrook which is on the outskirts of Hamilton, this is the first house for my fiance and I.  Having lived here for a year now, I know that there are a LOT of things that you have to deal with owning a home (especially a brand new home) that you never think of when you are dreaming how great it will be.

I work for a great company called Waggware as a Software Developer and love every minute of it.  I mentioned my fiance earlier, we have been engaged for about 6, as you may have guessed there is no rush to the alter so far although now that we have a house that may come soon enough.

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