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The Answer To Every Womans Dreams

April 1, 2010

Okay, so the title may be overstating it a bit but, what women hasn’t wanted to know what it feels like to pee standing up?  Okay……..well surely there are some women who want to know what it feels like….right?  Have I got the game for you!  For the Nintendo Wii comes Super Pii Pii Brothers!  All I can say is watch the video…

Courtesy of ThinkGeek.


Office Prank

March 30, 2010

Here’s a little tip on why you should be nice to your employees……….because if you’re not, they will be much meaner to you than you could ever be to them!

This is a good idea……right?

March 23, 2010

Generally speaking, the people in charge usually have a pretty good idea what they are doing.  And if for whatever reason they don’t, they usually have surrounded themselves with people who do have a good idea what they’re doing.  This is especially true for big corporations….or so you would think.

When I first saw this list it was shocking how poorly thought out some of these decisions were.  I mean, people get paid a lot of money to do the “smart” thing.  For example, The Quaker Oat Company.  They’ve done pretty well for themselves over the years.  Apparently they could have been doing much better though.  In the 90’s they decided to expand, having already bought out Gatorade, and bought Snapple for $1.3 billion.  That’s a lot of money…….a lot of money!

Obviously things had been weighed, carefully considered, all of the angles covered……..right?  Oh how wrong you would be if you thought that.  After the purchase was completed they actually sat down and thought about it, only to realize that Snapple wasn’t like all their other products.  This product actually needed to be refrigerated!  Who knew?  Time for a quick inventory on how many refrigerated trucks Quaker had…………..what’s that, you haven’t started counting yet?  That’s okay, you’re done.  Quaker didn’t have any!  To make a long story short, distribution companies figured this out and raised their prices.  Not long after, Triarc bought Snapple from the Quaker Oats Company for $300 million.  Let me do the math for you.  That’s a loss of $1 billion!  Good job guys.

This is only #10 in the list.  To read the rest visit List Verse for 10 Pretty Stupid Business Moves.

Is this how our politicians act?

March 4, 2010

Toronto Councilor Paula Fletcher went ballistic on one of her bosses the other day.  In this case her boss being a taxpayer who had the nerve to question the way city council was spending their budget.

If Paula Fletcher is allowed to keep her job, or worse yet, if she is somehow re-elected then I will have lost all faith in the Canadian political system.  I admit that I don’t have far to go in order to lose “all faith” in it but, even still it would be very disheartening.  What in the world is wrong with politicians that they think they can treat people with such contempt?

There is a lot of talk about how she is the former President of The Communist Party of Canada, although I’m not sure if that is really relevant.  I mean she acted like a spoiled brat and really I think that’s the point here.

Twitter Helps In Amber Alert

February 19, 2010

It seems as though Twitter is growing up.

An Amber Alert was issued yesterday when a 1-year-old girl named Jaylin Boudria was kidnapped in Swansea, MA.  Quickly the twitter community went to work tweeting about the Alert.  I first heard about it when one of the people who I follow-on twitter tweeted about it, Patrick O’Malley (617patrick).  I, along with many others quickly re-tweeted the message to our twitter followers (which isn’t all that many in my case, but millions in the case of some others).  At around 5 o’clock came news that the little girl was found safe in Connecticut!  I was so glad to hear that this story had a happy ending.

For the full story you can read Patrick’s account of it at

School Issued Laptops Used To Spy On Students

February 19, 2010

Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania issued laptops to high school students, which sounds like a nice thing to do.  What doesn’t sound so nice is that these laptops that they issued to some of their students had software installed on them that was used to secretly monitor their activities.  Now, as bad as that sounds I’m fairly certain that it’s not all that uncommon, businesses do this all the time I would imagine.

What businesses don’t usually do is use the web-cam on the laptop to actually watch what the laptop user is doing.  That is something that seems a little too intrusive if you ask me.  Apparently on a recent episode of PBS’s Frontline show they interviewed a school that was doing just that, using the web-cams on laptops to watch students while they were in class.  Amazingly enough, the school officials that were featured on the show were quite proud of the technical savvy they were displaying.

For the whole PBS – Digital Nation program visit PBS.

All of this is bad enough, but watching what kids are doing in school isn’t exactly an invasion of privacy I would imagine.  However, what this particular school in the Lower Merion School District did was no doubt a severe invasion of privacy, to say the least!  They took this process one step farther by using those webcams to not only watch kids while they were at school but also while they were outside of school, in the privacy of their own homes and bedrooms!  Last time I checked, spying on teenagers and their families in their homes was a big no-no.  The fact that it is a trusted institution, such as a high school only makes it that much more heinous in my opinion.

The only reason that all of this even came to light is because the Vice Principal decided to discipline one of his students for something he caught him doing at home.  I must have missed the part where a Teacher/Principal was responsible for disciplining kids for what they do away from school.  Didn’t that used to be the parents job?  I want to know what in the world that Vice Principal was thinking when he decided to use photos taken by this web-cam as evidence against the student?  Did he not realize that what he was doing was horribly wrong, most likely a felony and quite possibly child pornography if students were undressing in their bedrooms with this laptop on?

Needless to say a class action lawsuit is being brought against the Lower Merion School District and everyone involved courtesy of all the students who were issued these laptops.  Good for them, and I hope the school district loses and everyone who was involved is fired at the very least.  I would also like to see criminal charges brought against them as well as the civil suit.  I can’t think of too many things more creepy than having grown men who are put in a trusted position of authority spying on young kids in the (supposed) privacy of their own homes.

Robbins v. Lower Merion School District Civil Action (PDF)